2020s: Augmented reality, communication and the climate


The decade began with a return to virtual reality (first explored in the mid 1980s) in the form of connected remote augmented reality experiences. I responded to the 2020 Australian fires by developing a series of works in different media drawing on Shaping Space colours and Cities Tango integration of photographs with abstract images. I also returned to the Cities Tango work with a piece connecting Leicester with the British Pavilion at the DubaiExpo.

Selected exhibitions

2021//22: Cities Tango: British Pavilion Dubai Expo and Leicester
2020: Never odd or eveN, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney.

Selected publications

Edmonds, E. A. “Art and Code: Programming as a medium”. In Brooks, A. L. (editor) Interactivity, Game Creation, Design, Learning, and Innovation. Springer, London, 2020. pp 3-12.
Edmonds, E. A. “A journey from abstract film to concrete interaction” Digital Creativity. 31, no 3. 2020, pp 147–155..
Edmonds E. A.,  Hills, D., Ji, Y. and Tong, X. "H Space: Interactive Augmented Reality Art" Proceedings TEI'20. ACM Press, NY NY. 2020. pp 683-688.




Cities Tango @ DubaiExpo




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