1980s: geometric and generative systems

The first exhibition to include one of the time-based generative works (known as Video Constructs) that were deveopled from 1980. Paintings that were developed using geometric and procedural systems were also included.

Exhibiting Space, London, 1985



Exhibitions showing digital art:-

1985: Duality and Co-existence. Exhibiting Space, London (one-person)
works shown: Fragments plus paintings
1988: Null-Dimension. Galerie New Space, Fulda (and 1989, Gmunden, Austria)
work shown: Paintings
1989: Re-Views: Contemporary systematic and constructive arts. The Small Mansion Arts Centre, London
work shown: Video Construct plus painting
1989: Constructivism versus Computer. Galerie FARO, World Trade Centre, Rotterdam
work shown: First exhibition of colour Video Constructs


Null Dimension, Fulda

Selected publications:-

Edmonds, E. A., “Logic and time-based art practice”. Leonardo, Electronic Art Supplemental issue. pp 19-20, 1988.
Edmonds, E. A., “Towards video constructs”. Measures Art International, 3, pp 20-23, 1989.
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from Re-Views, Small Mansion