1990s: time, colour and computation

Avant Garde 90, 1990


Heads & Legs, 1990

Liège, Belgium

The first public performance of a "Correspondence" work, combining sound and image, was given at the opening. It was a collaboration with Jean-Pierre Husquinet.


The video constructs were at first recorded in real time onto video tape, but by 1990 they were realised directly from the computer and hence had no restriction on length. Both the generative time-based work and the systems paintings continued, with a specific emphasis on systems to select, vary and manipulate colour

Selected exhibitions

1999: Galerie Jean-Mark Laik, Koblenz
1999: Science in the Arts _ Arts in Science, Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest
1996: International Symposium, Creativity & Cognition II, Loughborough University
1994: Digital Arts, The Mall Gallery, London
1994: Friends of Mesures. Vervier and Antwerp
1993: International Symposium, Creativity & Cognition I, Loughborough University
1992: Computers in Music and Performance, British Computer Society, London
1991: Colour, Academie Industriele Vormgeving, Eindhoven _ collaborative performance
1990: SISEA, Groningen _ collaborative performance
1990: Avant Garde 1990, Manege, Moscow
1990: International Film and Video Festival, Leicester
1990: Art Creating Society. Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
1990: Heads and Legs. Liege (one-person) including a collaborative performance

Selected publications

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